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Certification #1 CrossFit Level 1
Certification #2 CrossFit Level 2
Certification #3 CPR-First Aid

Alvaro Pena

Co-founder & Coach

Coach Al grew up playing virtually every sport possible as a youth and teenager but adulthood came and it became increasingly difficult to stay active. In 2009 he discovered CrossFit and he’s never looked back. Now on his 3rd CrossFit ownership, as much as he loves the shape it has put and kept him in he loves even more the positive changes he makes in so many people’s lives. CrossFit has provided him with the opportunity to meet some extraordinary individuals and has forged some of the best friendships he’s ever had and it never fails to amaze him the potential and ability the human body and mind have. He feels stronger, healthier and happier than he ever has and wants nothing better than to help others feel the same.

Certification #1 CrossFit level 1

Jose Colon

Co-founder & Coach

His cousin had spent months convincing him to join a local box and he was convinced CrossFit wasn’t for him. After taking the free intro class Jose was hooked. Within a month he had participated in his first in house competition. Being a person who only went to the gym and played no sports growing up Jose found a place where he was competing against himself. What he didn’t expect was he would become part of a community of people from all walks of life. “We not only competed together but socialized and did things for the community”. Fast forward, he’s now building a community in Bushwick and helping others become the athletes they never knew they were. “To see someone walk in the door never touching a barbell to then see them become proficient is a powerful thing. Included hearing our members cheer one another on during a workout and competition shows me that we are doing great work in the community through CrossFit”.

CrossFit Level 1 Certified
CrossFit Level 2 Certified
USAW Advanced Weightlifting Certified
CrossFit Mobility Certified
CrossFit Weightlifting Certified
CrossFit Competitors Certified
CrossFit Anatomy Certified
CPR/First Aid

Manuel Duran

Co-founder & Head Coach

Manny grew up playing baseball and excelled in sports. He also loved lifting weights and working out. However like most the monotony of the gym didn’t challenge him and Manny made the choice to try CrossFit. Manny soon learned he wasn’t as fit as he thought working out at a gym and although he still hates burpees, Manny has excelled in all areas of CrossFit. He also made a wealth of friends and colleagues through his crossfit journey. Manny decided to bring his love of CrossFit to the Ridgewood/Bushwick community through CrossFit Built Quick and Explosive. His enthusiasm and character has helped build a community that continues to expand.

Certification #1 CrossFit Level 1
Certification #2 CrossFit Gymnastics

Sean Campbell

Co-founder & Coach

“I’m passionate about helping people feel their best and giving back to the veteran community I’m so proud to be a part of.”

Sean is an 8-year Marine Corps veteran who was active all his life. His love of CrossFit–the sport of fitness–and his passion for helping others achieve their goals is what motivates him to create and provide the best training experience for members, friends and partners.

CrossFit Level 1
Jeet Kune Do Instructor
Filipino Kali Senior Instructor
Marine Corps Martial Arts Black Belt

Vic Arroyo


Vic Arroyo has been a fitness enthusiast his entire life.
Vic began training at the age of 10 and has been at it ever since.
A 10 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, he is dedicated to bringing the same tenacity and intensity that makes Marines the best warriors on earth to the training he brings his clients.

Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (RDN)
Certified Personal Trainer (CPT-NASM)
TRX Suspension Band Certified

Oliver Lopez

"Partner" Nutrition Specialist

Oliver is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist who provides Nutrition Counseling to all levels of athletes, Joe’s, and
Janes. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer.

He earned a Masters Degree in nutrition and food science at Hunter College, where he also participated in Track & Field and Wrestling. He currently trains and competes in jiu jitsu and obstacle course races.

Oliver follows a “food first” approach to optimizing health and wellness, but also believes that dietary aids can assist an person in recovery and performance when used effectively, and safely.


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